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Today’s the end of August. i was laid off the end of June. In two months, i’ve found i can only stand so much – i cleaned my den today. i feel Washington DC should be nuked, Utah may be scenic but it’s fast losing it’s appeal, and the world in general is going to hell in a handbasket.

i borrowed the in-laws lawnmower today, and as i finished, the neighbor kids kept riding their bikes in my driveway. One even got off and walked into my backyard as i finished cleaning up. i said “You’ll have to leave, i’m locking the gate” and the loud fat-assed neighbor from across the street said “How rude!”.

In my day, i would never consider trespassing a neighbors’ yard. Here, we have the local busy body defending the ankle biters right to traipse wherever their undisciplined will lead them. Forgive me, but the indecision to clock fat ass or cookie cruncher allowed the whelp to safely step into his yard. i’m not as willing to risk jail as i once was. Neighbors 1, homeowner 0.

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