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What photography has meant to me

Some time back (a Christmas sale in 2003) we bought a Canon Digital Rebel. A true DSLR, we treated it a point and shoot, never leaving the green square even though we left home and brought the camera with us. As late as April of 2008 we took the camera that could to New York City and pointed it and shooted it at various landmarks in the City. What we did find out about that trip, was the weather is hit or miss at that time of the year (mostly miss, we got rained on) and we actually both liked taking pictures. So much so that shortly after, we became a two camera couple.

A couple of picture taking fools, i got the latest Rebel and gave the trusty 300D to my wife. Prior to our adventure to Gotham, we had bought a ‘zoom’ lens. So, equipped with one zoom lens (the EF-S 75-300) and two kit lenses, we kept exploring. Life was good taking pictures and stashing memories. Except it wasn’t enough, we took some classes and took a chance and found other settings on the dial. Settings with cryptic abbreviations like ‘TV’, ‘AV’, and “M”.
By the time we made landfall in the middle of the country (August 2009) we found our cameras did more than just point and shoot. They would actually capture what you saw and translate it into a more better memory.
South Dakota 076

So the moment in time and the place we were at became “desktop wallpaper”, because digital was here to stay. Everything from textures


to light


became fair game. We learned a little about capturing these things. With the dial firmly bumped off the green square, a whole new world


was still where we left it, both near and far, we just became a bit better at capturing it, sharing it, and saving it for days when the weather didn’t cooperate.

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