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A Jazz game, more winter, and turning 16,790 . . .

As in days. i had another birthday last week, and i’m glad it’s over. It’s getting to the point where i have one once a year!


i got three new monitors, and to these old eyes, it makes a difference. The only thing wrong with them, is now i can’t see my desk!

We saw the Jazz take on the league’s best team, the San Antonio Spurs.

Jazz vs Spurs-3843

It was a good game, but the Jazz lost. i think now that the Jazz have played everyone in the league, they aren’t surprising anyone anymore. A recent injury to D. Williams has changed the look of the team on the floor, but the surprise of winning all the pre-season games and three out four regular season games is gone.

Jazz vs Spurs-3768

It’s still fun being a fan, and i’ve found the less i listen to the local sports talk radio the better off i am.

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  1. Greg Moser Jan 31st 2011

    -Triple- Samsungs?! Im a bit jealous. I bet those look awesome with eye-fi

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