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Winter, and a Florida fling

Yay, short work week. We got back from the east coast yesterday, and slept. A lot. Back in September we decided to see a Raiders road football game, choosing Jacksonville this year. Going in, they were 6-6 and had a chance to make the play-offs. The Jaguars were 7-5, and anything could happen . . .
We flew in not on a red-eye, but the flight got us into Orlando about 11. We had planned to see Epcot on Friday, plus we lost two hours going east.
Epcot Center-2595
i enjoyed the Epcot Center, and if it came down to that or DisneyWorld, i’m glad we went there. i only took 200 or so pictures that day . . .
The next day found us having to make a choice, because we didn’t plan – do we go east to the Atlantic coast, or west to the Gulf coast? Despite the weather, we knew we wanted to see a beach. So we went west, and found ourselves in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg-2673
As the afternoon wore on and the clouds broke, we went to Treasure Island. Found a little place called Caddy’s, that had not only parking and food, but was right on the beach.
Treasure Island-2707
Watched the sun set from Sunset Beach, and headed back to Orlando.
The next day we got up early to head for Jacksonville. At the east end of Highway 4 we found a Waffle House
Daytona Beach-2762
in Daytona Beach. We drove on the beach, and took some pictures. i only had 99 for the day . . . when we did make it to Jacksonville, i stowed my camera and we took Tania’s to the game. It was a fun game, but in the end the Jaguars won a slugfest 38-31. So we headed south down the coast, and Googled something for dinner. The internet suggested trying Harry’s bar and grill in St. Augustine, and whaddya know? It was pretty good . . .
St Augustine-2801
Heading back to Orlando, we saw a line of cars still trying to get off the road and go to DisneyWorld. We made it to our hotel, packed for the flight home, and called the front desk for a wake up call.

The next morning, we got that wake up call and another one – it was 33 degrees outside and the weather promised to be warmer, when we landed back in Salt Lake. Still, i’m glad we got to see another corner of our country, for the hat trick – three of four within 12 months. i’ve a feeling we may go to New England in the not too distant future . . .

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  1. Holy crap, you were in St. Pete? I didn’t know you were that close man. For some reason I had it in my head that you were staying in south Florida.

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