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At World’s End

Did a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, and took away three things;

a) Johnny Depp is my generations’ best actor

b) ‘The world is not getting smaller, there’s just less to it’ – Captain Jack Sparrow

c) “It’s a small world after all” could be a theme song for the 21st century.

Brigham City-1523_5

Last Saturday we went to our favorite eatery in Box Elder County (if that’s not one of the nation’s best names for a county, i don’t know what is) after contributing to our retirement fund.

This weekend, a front moves in with sustained winds of 50mph. i always knew Wyoming sucked, because Utah’s windy . . .
Today is the weekend before Thanksgiving – one of my favorite times of the year. They’re only expecting me to show up for work three times next week.
With a half season of Jazz tix and three home games next week, i’m not going very far.

Jazz vs Clippers-1102

i get to work at home as well as at work – just ordered another mobo for all the parts i had laying around, enough to put another machine together. i swear to all that is holy i will throw every computer part out, once i get this damned Frankenmachine going – everything i’ve squirreled away that doesn’t contribute to my network. After being a PC enthusiast/paid worker for the last 15 years, i’ve got a small mountain of parts and screws laying around.

Being six weeks before this year ends, and the fact that it’s dark when i both go to work and come home, the next quarter is dedicated to cleaning up my picture library. i leave you with a capture fom 2008, my trip to New York

New York 08-4902

[original jpg redone in Photoshop cs5, with 'Perfectly clear' plug-in enhancements.]

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