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Photography, an early present, and dinner with an old friend

The weathers changing, we’ve already been to a Jazz game, and the nights are getting long.

Feels like we’re running out of time . . .

Slat Lake City-9604

Tonight we went to another photography class. It’s nice to hear about your obsession from other people. There was nothing new in the class, but it was about composition. It’s always good to get a professional’s take, along with a little in-depth metering thrown into the discussion. As we went to class, with the shadows racing up the mountain out the front door, the nearly full moon put in an appearance. It was distracting, and so was i – i kept looking out the door as it made it’s way over the shoulder of the mountain into the darkening sky. i did get an early gift, a Manfrotto ball head to go atop my tripod.



An old friend breezed through town, and invited me out to dinner.


He was here for a short trip, but it was nice to catch up, shoot the breeze, and eat a nice meal. The picture above was from an earlier trip, but it makes me glad to have my camera with me. Pictures have become a hobby, and when the subject is meaningful, priceless.

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