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So in the week that was the end of summer, the end of September, and the beginning of the end of 2010 – i look back and see that i’ve been out of the country, been out of the FaceBook, and out of television. The last one doesn’t bother me, the former not so much but the first was pretty awesome. Sitting at my PC in my environmentally controlled den, i see that not much has changed weather-wise, there’s a new page to the calender, and being home is a triumph of laziness over knowing the weather will change.

The picture above was taken a week ago in the hamlet in central-western Utah. We had left behind Seattle on Labor Day, embraced our hometown since, and not experienced any change in the weather. Why is this pertinent? Because it lulls you into thinking (this recent global warming) that things won’t change, that everything will remain the same, and that the garage doesn’t really need cleaning out.

The old fridge is gone, the forecast calls for radically different temperatures, and the pumpkins are out.

harvest time

harvest time

As i sit here contemplating change, something occurs to me that pretty much occurs to me every year – that the seasons come and go, that the cheapie calender i’ve been looking at loses pages as fast as i’m losing hair, but the one constant this world offers is the depth and breadth of the world is unknowable.

What a mystery tomorrow offers, what a divine revelation – even though the weather guesser tells you, you are in for more of the same it’s really a crapshoot if you*re going to pass the come line and get to roll the dice again.

i started to take pictures to bring the world in (well documented vision probs) but i realized that i take pictures to share a baseline, a common thread that someone could pick up and weave

row your boat

row your boat

after i was gone.

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