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i shoulda named this entry “South East Utah, cont.” but i didn’t want to step on my toes. i’m two weeks removed from the beginning of my trip and my anniversary. The last is an important point, as i shall point out in a minute.

i can only guess at the mileage we wracked up on our last trip. It was alot. i know because i piloted 99.8% of it (Tania almost ran my ass over as i was trying to get a capture between Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley – i returned the favor at Natural Bridges).

The Road to Monument Valley

The Road to Monument Valley

[editors note:  this a differant capture from the one previously posted.]

We spent more time in the truck than we did in motels. We had to – the trip was about seeing things, not reclining in some Euro-spa. Our truck is a proxy for a young one (as it should be – it was born in 2002) and is featured more prominently in our pictures than anything besides us. Our truck has only forty eight thousand miles, we acquired it when it had four, and it has been a trusted companion on our trips. It filled the bill, admirably.

Trusty Steed

Trusty Steed

i had estimated for a co-worker 850 as the number altogether, i could be wrong. The point is that it’s been a part of our adventure, and this particular one is the varied terrain and differant vistas we beheld. It was a fun trip, a long trip, and a trip that introduced me to the corners of Utah. i’ve now been around the state, and look forward to seeing the middle of it.

The one thing that sets this trip apart is the fact that Tania both have cameras, we had picked up lenses before we left, and the purpose was to spend time together and see what we would see. And capture it as we saw it. This road took us to corners not seen, on a timetable unfettered by an itinerary. Part of the allure was getting away, together, to sights unseen. To get there by road, a road untravelled so far.

The Moki Dugway

The Moki Dugway

The unique combination of factors led us to some singular experiences. Views beyond compare. Time well spent. Proximity with comfort and views combined with the option controlling the pace a plane trip could never afford us. A trip we didn’t need to take a plane to. A once in a lifetime opportunity to explore an environment close to home, yet worlds away.

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