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Back from the Badlands

. . . and i can honestly say, they weren’t bad at all! Thirty years ago my family went through this part of the country, but it never registered how pretty it is – at least in the summertime.

55mm, HDR

i will have a follow up post, later this week. Today i wanted to talk about the area in general. For those who haven’t seen Mt. Rushmore, i can say that it was one of many attractions in the area. i think we were in the area at the right time of the year. The weather for the most part cooperated. The area was green, even though we were at times in foothills, prarie, woods, and cities. The temps were nice, compared to here. We stayed in Rapid City, a town about the size of West Jordan. The differance is WJ is a suburb of Salt Lake, where Rapid City was the biggest town in the region. The region we stayed in was in the southwest corner of the state, and we shared our visit with people from all over the nation. My nephew and i noticed license plates from almost every state, from New Jersey to California. And that was just on the cars – on some of the motorcycles we saw, we couldn’t see a plate.

On the road to Mt. Rushmore

Like all the getaways we’ve had lately, it’s been easy for us to see the beauty in an area new to us. i don’t feel this detracts from our home, on the contrary; i think it has made us more grateful for where we live. “I could live here” is something that my wife and i say, and it’s meaning to me is “if i couldn’t live where i’m at”. South Dakota has some stunning views and alot that is beautiful. It is also very differant from Utah, and to me the charm lies in the differance. The one thing i’m afraid they have in common though, are nasty-ass cold winters . . .

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