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Tania’s home. Next week: South Dakota

Just got back from a steak dinner at a tavern, near where i used to work. A place called the Lonestar Saloon. Tania flew in from Fargo to join me. This time next week, i’ll be getting on a plane to join her. Hopefully, we get off a plane and have a steak and a beverage then, too!

cheerfully lifted from flickr, teh user was *deleted*

This flying around places has got to be hard to do. i’m sure the fun of it would wear off in short order. It won’t be the first time i travelled to meet Tania somewheres when she was doing her job; i drove to Reno one winter, when she was there already. We drove over Donner pass in a snowstorm, right in front of a snowplow, and a chain came loose on the right rear tire. i couldn’t stop, i couldn’t go faster, we just had to keep going, listening to the damn thing beat the shit out of the wheel-well. Then there was the time i got to go with Tania for her job, to Puerto Rico. There she was in meetings while i was @ the beach.

gleefully taken by me, no theft here . . .

This summer, we kinda planned to stay close to home, see more of Utah, when events conspired to make me actually see more. That, and the random job assignment for The Consultant. So we make do, actually take advantage of, a situation that will drop us into the middle of North America. And, in the middle of summer. In this state, like Missouri and California, we celebrate July 24th.
Utah because the ‘Mormons’ discovered it, Missouri because the ‘Mormons’ left, and California because the ‘Mormons’ didn’t make it that far.

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