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Spring Break

For me it was. It was a break from the Utah spring weather.

somewhere near the Virgin River

We got home last night, and after travelling north four hundred miles we gave up forty degrees. Tania made me swear that the next time we go south, we do nothing but spend the day next to a pool. If there are beverages, with or without little umbrellas, i’m down with that.
Our recent adventure netted 500 pictures. i’m busy deleting some right now. It was very fun and gratifying to have taken a break, warmed up a bit, seen new places, played on house money, adopted a Scottish clan (ages 12 and 15), and eaten good food. To have enjoyed a long weekend with Tania, and given me our best memories of Las Vegas so far.

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Helping Memories

As i was going through pictures from my digital Rebel, it dawned on me that:
a) i’m not a good photographer
b) my pictures don’t have to be great

This guy was hanging out near the resort we stayed at in Puerto Rico.
Since we don’t see many iguanas in Utah, i thought it would make a cool picture. Is it technically sound? Well, it’s ok – it has good lighting, it’s fairly composed, has good colors.

More importantly, Tania and i were in Puerto Rico at one point in our lives, and we brought home a few reminders. Memory is a funny thing, and our senses percieve so much more than any mechanical device. Pictures can be more priceless than the other souvineirs we bring home with us from distant lands. They help us remember and recall a moment in time.

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Vacation Destinations Across the Nation

on Oahu, September 06

While not exactly globetrotting jetsetters, we have been to some very nice places. We have shared quite a few pictures in our photo gallery here.

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“From New York – The Greatest City In The World”

It is a city.
It is a destination.

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