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Hangin’ In

Today’s the end of August. i was laid off the end of June. In two months, i’ve found i can only stand so much – i cleaned my den today. i feel Washington DC should be nuked, Utah may be scenic but it’s fast losing it’s appeal, and the world in general is going to hell in a handbasket.

i borrowed the in-laws lawnmower today, and as i finished, the neighbor kids kept riding their bikes in my driveway. One even got off and walked into my backyard as i finished cleaning up. i said “You’ll have to leave, i’m locking the gate” and the loud fat-assed neighbor from across the street said “How rude!”.

In my day, i would never consider trespassing a neighbors’ yard. Here, we have the local busy body defending the ankle biters right to traipse wherever their undisciplined will lead them. Forgive me, but the indecision to clock fat ass or cookie cruncher allowed the whelp to safely step into his yard. i’m not as willing to risk jail as i once was. Neighbors 1, homeowner 0.

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The Park City Food and Wine Classic 2011

This weekend we found ourselves in Park City, Utah. An excellent place to find yourself on just about any weekend, but this weekend, it was hosting the Food and Wine Classic 2011.

Park City, July 10 2011

Saturday morning, we hiked amongst the deserted ski runs and skirted the town itself.

PC Classic July 9-6733

After our overland adventure, we checked into a local hotel and made our way over to the Canyons Ski Resort, where we stood in line waiting for Toast of Park City Grand Tasting.

PC Classic July 9-6781

We were serenaded and wooed by all the vendors with their wares.

PC Classic July 9-6802

PC Classic July 9-6784

All in all, a nice weekend at a nice place at a nice time of year. Needless to say, we had a nice time.

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What photography has meant to me

Some time back (a Christmas sale in 2003) we bought a Canon Digital Rebel. A true DSLR, we treated it a point and shoot, never leaving the green square even though we left home and brought the camera with us. As late as April of 2008 we took the camera that could to New York City and pointed it and shooted it at various landmarks in the City. What we did find out about that trip, was the weather is hit or miss at that time of the year (mostly miss, we got rained on) and we actually both liked taking pictures. So much so that shortly after, we became a two camera couple.

A couple of picture taking fools, i got the latest Rebel and gave the trusty 300D to my wife. Prior to our adventure to Gotham, we had bought a ‘zoom’ lens. So, equipped with one zoom lens (the EF-S 75-300) and two kit lenses, we kept exploring. Life was good taking pictures and stashing memories. Except it wasn’t enough, we took some classes and took a chance and found other settings on the dial. Settings with cryptic abbreviations like ‘TV’, ‘AV’, and “M”.
By the time we made landfall in the middle of the country (August 2009) we found our cameras did more than just point and shoot. They would actually capture what you saw and translate it into a more better memory.
South Dakota 076

So the moment in time and the place we were at became “desktop wallpaper”, because digital was here to stay. Everything from textures


to light


became fair game. We learned a little about capturing these things. With the dial firmly bumped off the green square, a whole new world


was still where we left it, both near and far, we just became a bit better at capturing it, sharing it, and saving it for days when the weather didn’t cooperate.

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A Jazz game, more winter, and turning 16,790 . . .

As in days. i had another birthday last week, and i’m glad it’s over. It’s getting to the point where i have one once a year!


i got three new monitors, and to these old eyes, it makes a difference. The only thing wrong with them, is now i can’t see my desk!

We saw the Jazz take on the league’s best team, the San Antonio Spurs.

Jazz vs Spurs-3843

It was a good game, but the Jazz lost. i think now that the Jazz have played everyone in the league, they aren’t surprising anyone anymore. A recent injury to D. Williams has changed the look of the team on the floor, but the surprise of winning all the pre-season games and three out four regular season games is gone.

Jazz vs Spurs-3768

It’s still fun being a fan, and i’ve found the less i listen to the local sports talk radio the better off i am.

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At World’s End

Did a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, and took away three things;

a) Johnny Depp is my generations’ best actor

b) ‘The world is not getting smaller, there’s just less to it’ – Captain Jack Sparrow

c) “It’s a small world after all” could be a theme song for the 21st century.

Brigham City-1523_5

Last Saturday we went to our favorite eatery in Box Elder County (if that’s not one of the nation’s best names for a county, i don’t know what is) after contributing to our retirement fund.

This weekend, a front moves in with sustained winds of 50mph. i always knew Wyoming sucked, because Utah’s windy . . .
Today is the weekend before Thanksgiving – one of my favorite times of the year. They’re only expecting me to show up for work three times next week.
With a half season of Jazz tix and three home games next week, i’m not going very far.

Jazz vs Clippers-1102

i get to work at home as well as at work – just ordered another mobo for all the parts i had laying around, enough to put another machine together. i swear to all that is holy i will throw every computer part out, once i get this damned Frankenmachine going – everything i’ve squirreled away that doesn’t contribute to my network. After being a PC enthusiast/paid worker for the last 15 years, i’ve got a small mountain of parts and screws laying around.

Being six weeks before this year ends, and the fact that it’s dark when i both go to work and come home, the next quarter is dedicated to cleaning up my picture library. i leave you with a capture fom 2008, my trip to New York

New York 08-4902

[original jpg redone in Photoshop cs5, with 'Perfectly clear' plug-in enhancements.]

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Autumn 2010 – before DST ends

Recently i posted about the new Jazz logo/uniforms and since then we’ve bought a half seasons worth of home game tickets. With the team only winning a third of their games (they are one and two w/l right now) i’ve allowed my attention to drift towards a different game this weekend.


The unbeaten University of Utah hosts unbeaten Texas Christian University in what could be;
a) the last meeting in some time for these Mountain West powerhouses
b) springboard to a possible National title for the winner, and
c) the best hope for a non BCS school to crash the payout party that is the current Bowl Championship Series.

Next year, Utah joins a BCS conference when they join the PAC 12. That fact still won’t allay my hatred for the system, or the fact that undefeated Utah teams from 2004 and 2008 had no real chance to claim a national title, despite beating BCS schools both years in their respective bowls.

The game itself is getting some national love -  the roadshow that is ESPN’s College Game Day will be in town to incite, er, broadcast from the stadium parking lot before the game.

Jazz v Celtics-7839

i kid about our basketball team, and have every confidence in them. There was a big turnover in the line up this off season, and despite the fact of winning every preseason game, i didn’t expect them to be world beaters out of the gate. i rarely grab the mail, but this being trash day, emptied the box when i brought the cans back to the house. My wife got a personal letter from, as the return address said, “Jazz”.

Now, don’t get me wrong – i’m not the jealous type as much as i am the envious type. i wanted to know why my pro basketball team was sending my wife hand written letters! Being the dutiful husband and checking for anthrax/bombs, i opened it to find four tickets, two each for the Boston (pictured above) and Miami games! [Personal shout out to my wife - this has positively re-enforced me to open more of your mail].

Today was the mid term elections. If you want soap-boxing about politics, go somewhere else. i only mention it because we went to the local polling place early, was there when the doors opened. After committing my right to vote as a citizen (strangely enough, my ballot allowed me to make a choice other than “R” if i were so inclined) the ride to work seemed uneventful. Same 26 miles (same distance as a marathon, heh)  i usually make, but it dawned on me (this idea, not the actual sun) that this would be the last week that it wouldn’t be dark going both to and from work.

Screw Daylight Savings Time, i want a choice on my next ballot to vote it away . . .

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Photography, an early present, and dinner with an old friend

The weathers changing, we’ve already been to a Jazz game, and the nights are getting long.

Feels like we’re running out of time . . .

Slat Lake City-9604

Tonight we went to another photography class. It’s nice to hear about your obsession from other people. There was nothing new in the class, but it was about composition. It’s always good to get a professional’s take, along with a little in-depth metering thrown into the discussion. As we went to class, with the shadows racing up the mountain out the front door, the nearly full moon put in an appearance. It was distracting, and so was i – i kept looking out the door as it made it’s way over the shoulder of the mountain into the darkening sky. i did get an early gift, a Manfrotto ball head to go atop my tripod.



An old friend breezed through town, and invited me out to dinner.


He was here for a short trip, but it was nice to catch up, shoot the breeze, and eat a nice meal. The picture above was from an earlier trip, but it makes me glad to have my camera with me. Pictures have become a hobby, and when the subject is meaningful, priceless.

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One awesome trip, and 17 years of good luck



Here it is, September 15th. A week and a half since i celebrated my wedding anniversary. i was on vacation on the actual day, the picture above was from when Tania and i were on a ferry. We went to Canada – Victoria B.C. i could blame the database being down on the website, but the truth is, i shot 67 gigabytes of pictures and have been wading through them.

What a splendid vacation, and what a beautiful place – we went to the northwest corner of the country, then sneaked out for a couple of days – and were shown around Washington by our friends Kevin and Lori, locals to the area. We found ourselves in Seattle on the evening of the fourth, trying to get a table @ The Crab Pot

the Crab Pot

the Crab Pot

and found a wait of two hours. seriously? heard good stuff about it, but c’mon – we were hungry. So we put our name down on a list and wandered down to the end of the pier. Where we found The Fisherman

The Fisherman

The Fisherman

i really wanted a shrimp cocktail, but the waitress talked me out of it. Why? Because we got the ‘crab feast’ and she was right – it was a full meal. (i tipped her nicely, if you were wondering.) What a nice end to the day, i sneaked out on the pier as the sun went down (pictures to follow) and we made our way back to a hotel.

What a nice day, one of six thousand and twenty-five . . .

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The dog days of summer, and 100 posts

i owe a debt of gratitude to Tania, who has been my inspiration. Her original blog was lost, and i picked up blogging because she didn’t think hers’ could ever match the flow and diction it had before. She has recovered nicely, and introduced me to a form of self expression i’d never thought i’d use.

self portrait

self portrait

One hundred posts later, i’ve found a medium i don’t mind sharing in. i can give a raised middle finger to the world, if i chose, or kudos, or deafening silence. The web has proven surprising and engaging to me, and given me the opportunity to interact with people all over the globe. It has also given my family a rare peak, and my wife a barometer into the mood i’m in. Whether the posts have been profound and uplifting, or pedestrian and mundane, my biggest cheerleader and harshest critic has been vigilant in letting me know she read the dam thing.

So i find my self in the doldrums, the dog days of August. The dentist has abused me and so has the weather. The road ahead includes a visit to the North West, and possibly one to ‘the Greatest City in the World’. However the lottery numbers turn out, i’m convinced the best way for me to deal with it, is through the lense of a camera . . .

the road ahead

the road ahead

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