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Blown away by Escalante

For the three day weekend, we stayed at Petrified Forest State Park. We had a camp site right on Wide Hollow Reservoir.


We had been to Bryce Canyon before, over a Memorial Day weekend. This time, we didn’t get snowed on. The wind howled though right up until we left. The Grand Staircase is huge (roughly the size of Delaware) and there is a state road that follows it’s northern boundary. The road is Highway 12, named an “All American Road” because it traverses some spectacular scenery.
Grand Staircase-Escalante N.M.-5635_7
For three nights and three days, we found ourselves in the center and south of Utah. I have nearly 30 gb’s of pictures to prove it.
The width and breadth of this National Monument is hard to wrap my mind around. It borders two National Parks (Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef) and we had posted over a thousand miles from leaving work Friday to getting home Sunday.
It’s ok though because we were warm and untouched by the wind when we were traveling. Oh, the sites we saw – from high desert to hoodoos to a ski resort to scrubland to mountain passes.
Hell's Backbone Bridge
Highway 12 overlook-5827
Burr Trail Panorama-5794
I can see why so many fall for southern Utah. It has some of the best vistas in the world, and the place seems timeless. If only the price of gas were never changing like the landscape . . .

Country Corner, Boulder, Utah


Back from the Uinta’s

We rolled back home last nite about a quarter til Six. We had left Friday at about a quarter til Six. For Forty-eight hours, 48 weekend hours, we got out of the house, out of the valley, and up in the mountains. We pitched a tent, slept in sleeping bags, built a fire and enjoyed the mountains.

Trial Lake campsite

Trial Lake campsite

We used to make a trek to Mirror Lake once a year, and almost missed out this year. This last weekend the campsites were full, and next weekend they close for the season. We brought along two new toys, and had my sister, her husband and son join us. The first toy isn’t new, we (and by ‘we’ i mean Tania) actually bought it used. At a garage sale over a year ago.  It’s the canoe you see strapped the top of my truck. We failed at really making use of it, but i’m gonna blame the shear amount of people invading our mountain getaway destination. The other new toy wasn’t shiny either, as a matter of fact it is dull, iron, and the one thing that made this trip a hit.

Dutch oven cooking, win.

Dutch oven cooking, win.

i swear i ate better over the weekend than when Tania’s gone. We had a tri-tip roast that was to die for, and two breakfast’s that qualify as ‘brunch’, more for the quality rather than the time they were served.

Our getaway came at a nice part of summer, we beat the heat and got to be vacationing in our home state. If you’ve not been to the Uintas, i feel for you. Just don’t try to come when we’re taking the canoe out . . .

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Happy 4th of July

We’re back. Well i’m back home, and Tania’s back in North Dakota. We’d like to thank Gary and Michelle Lyle for having us at their property in eastern Utah, somewhere between Strawberry and Starvation reservoirs.

yay, a camping post finally

We had a blast, and i’m realizing i don’t know how to take pictures of fireworks yet. We do know how to pitch a tent, and we did enjoy our disconnect. i got home and plugged in the cell phone, and turned on the computer. i took over a hundred shots this weekend, and only edited eighty or so. Some of the shots didn’t make it on film, Tania made sure some of them did.
Continuing the Utah tour, we got to see a part of the country i’ve breezed through on business. We have an office in Roosevelt, in eastern Utah. We stayed near, and watched fireworks in, Duchesne, a town about ten minutes away from the Lyle’s property.
i saw many American flags flown this weekend, and realized the collective might of this nation. We are all ‘Americans’ despite our differances. We belong together as a nation that stands for something, and as i grow i am proud to contribute. i am proud to call myself American, and happy to have a small part of it.

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This Just In!

i had gone to eastern Utah today, on business.
Tania had found a book, a guide, a veritable template for our summer. A tome so simply composed and full of pertinent and vital information, that only a native could have composed it. A bibliotecha of this websites’ raison de etre. A blueprint for our reason for being.

All Hail Jeffrey Steadman!

What has this to do with my five hour roadie? The book actually came in the mail a coupla days ago. i had stopped @ Starvation Reservoir to take a coupla pix, and after having friends over who discussed camping there, it dawn on me that i had, in fact, in possesion of a paper wikipedia + gps of all available tent spots in the state.

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Welcome to my ‘Camping’ Page

This page will be updated periodically. With content specifically from our outdoors
experiences, mainly from Utah.

Somewhere in the Uinta's.

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